Cruise Tourism Pt 2: Impacts on the Environment

Cruise Tourism is big business. The ships are big, the food consumption is big, the entertainment is big and their chosen ports of call, get big attention. The cruise industry also earns big.  Latest figures reveal the industry is worth 18 Billion$ per year and it is an industry that is rapidly expanding. 28 Million

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Hotels That Go Green: How Your Hotel Can Be Eco-Friendly Too

The Kindergarten Principle of Going Green Saving the environment has been a day-to-day task imposed by people of authority.  As early as the primary school, teachers had been imparting to students the logic behind why water needs to be conserved, why burning garbage is toxic to the atmosphere, why smoking is not healthy, why walking

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2018 Monthly Resolutions That Help the Environment

The start of the year usually ushers in a start of a whole set of everything.  A reboot for some, a new beginning for others, and a fresh start for many.  For the next 365 days, individuals are rethinking – if not thinking for the first time –and resetting their goals and objectives – personal,

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