Boracay Litter

Inside Boracay: Opening Week

(cover photo by islander Jack Jarilla) Inside Boracay: Opening Week Boracay Opening Week, finally the island is open to tourists.  It has felt like both the longest 6 months, and also a case of ‘it’s October 26th Already!’   This is just the start for Boracay, after the island was called a ‘Cesspool’ by the Philippine

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Inside Boracay: Week 25

Cover Photo: DOT Boracay Field Office   Inside Boracay: Week 25  It was to be expected that this ‘closure’ week, with the Opening Day of the Dry Run on the 15th October, was going to be an incredibly busy one. Even so, it surpassed Inside Boracay’s expectations and even saw a kiteboarder from Boracay secure the

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